The Buildings lit for Christmas

Sought after by filmmakers and photographers, our buildings are a source of neighborbood pride and a non-RDA emblem of downtown rejuvenation. The Victorians were built between 1898 and 1906 as single-family and San Francisco-style flats. Over the years, they housed many colorful characters, a tradition which continues to date.


After Frank and Anna LoGiudice sold the property to the Mezzetti family in 1977, an eight-year restoration added new foundation, electrical and plumbing. Structural modifications joined the "twins" and added skylights in the library. Layers of outdoor paint were resistant to sanding, scraping, and chemical removers. Ultimately, the paint was burned off and the exterior repainted, giving the buildings their clean, crisp appearance.

Alfredo Horta

Today, the property is lovingly maintained by Alfredo Horta, a twenty-five year employee of the Mezzetti family. His green thumb is responsible for the summer garden of tomatoes, bell peppers, corn and basil, and the winter garden of spinach, chard, cauliflower, broccolini and mustard. Culinary awards are given at the annual, on-site chili cook-off.